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The B2THEWORLD Global Educators Gathering (GEG) was started in 2018 to bring educators together from around the world who share a common goal with B2THEWORLD - to provide a transformative educational experience for children and families in countries that are recovering from war. We bring school leaders from around the world together to learn, collaborate, and navigate the challenges that they face in their various school settings. Aside from the training and insight from Dr. Thomas and other B2THEWORLD staff, we bring in experienced facilitators to lead impactful sessions with an emphasis on useful tips and knowledge that can be put into practice by the attendees of the gathering. 

Our inaugural GEG was held in Kigali, Rwanda in November of 2018 and was attended by school leaders from 8 different countries on 4 continents. It was an incredible time of learning and fellowship and we received overwhelmingly positive feedback from everyone who attended. In addition to providing knowledge and resources for the school leaders who attended, it was also a way for them to network with B2THEWORLD leadership and potentially plant the seed for future partnerships. One attendee at our first event has been serving students in Pakistan for 22 years. His powerful testimony at the Global Educators Gathering eventually led to our Pakistan Project which rolled out in May of 2019 (click on: for more information).

Our goal with the Global Educators Gathering is to grow the project to expand beyond an annual gathering in Rwanda. As we form relationships with educational leaders worldwide, we hope to empower them to host their own gatherings, which will increase the impact of GEG in their specific regions of the world by removing constraints such as the time and cost of international travel. It will also allow us to offer more applicable training to specific regions and include facilitators with experience and expertise in those regions. We will also expand the scope of the project to one day include offering training for teachers and support staff in addition to leadership.

We will continue to grow our Kigali gathering from year to year, as we hope to see attendees from even more countries. We are also very excited for what the future holds as we start to partner with school leaders to bring a B2THEWORLD Global Educators Gathering to their part of the world. Our next Global Educators Gathering will be held in Kigali from November 11-15, 2019.

If you would like more information about GEG, know someone who may be eligible to attend, or believe that your country or region could benefit from a GEG, please contact Micah Hale, Programs Manager for B2TheWorld at

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