Pakistan Project


Why Pakistan?

We believe the need is evident for an oppressed group of vulnerable children to have the opportunity to experience a transformative education that could break the cycle of bondage and with this education could come freedom.

What’s at stake? Simply put…freedom or bondage. The freedom to study, the freedom to grow and the freedom to secure a better future for themselves that doesn’t include bonded labor. The freedom to be able to give back to their community as teachers and nurses.

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The Project

As we’ve been getting to know the situation in Pakistan, we’ve come across a seasoned educator, who has been serving vulnerable children for the last twenty-two years. These children are primarily the sons and daughters of brickmakers in Pakistan. As many people know, Pakistan is a Muslim country. Christians are in the minority only making up 2% or less of the population. The vast majority of Christians in Pakistan work as street cleaners and a smaller amount that serve as brick-makers. Many of the families are working for very low wages and a $1000 loan could lead to 2 or 3 generations of bonded labor. He realized that the children of these brickmakers were not being given opportunities to study and so he decided to do something about it and so he began to create a pre-school 22 years ago.

This educator began schools close to where these workers serve. He started with one preschool and he now has five schools in total. As students grew and eventually began to get ready to graduate from 5th grade, he began a middle school. As students attended and they were ready to take their national 8th grade exam, he began to build a high school.

Through a variety of connections, this educator has come to us and asked us to partner with him to help his soon-to-be high school graduates (Grade 10 students), find a way to go to college (Grade 11 & 12). For these students to make it to college means they have an opportunity to go to university (3 years) and then graduate. With their degree they can break the cycle of bonded labor and serve as a nurse or a teacher.

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The Impact

Through the “Aim for Pakistan” Campaign B2THEWORLD was able to secure college scholarships for 20 students with your generous support. None of these students will have children who are bonded in labor. Thank you for helping to break the cycle of bondage.

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The Future

We are just getting started in Pakistan. We appreciate continued support. We’ll continue to grow the college sponsorship program. This March, 30 students will graduate from Grade 10 and be ready for college. This means we will secure 30 additional sponsorships. We’ll be working with our educational partner on the ground to develop a School Improvement Plan for each of the three schools. Finally, we’ll provide Professional Development, through our team in Kigali, for the school leaders and teachers in Pakistan.


Call to Action


If you want to be part of helping boys, girls and families change the trajectory of their life of bondage to freedom, considering joining us in one or all of these ways:


  • Pray – commit to daily praying for the needs in Pakistan. Send us your contact information and we’ll send you regular updates from Pakistan.

  • Give – To help provide a $1000/year scholarship for one of the 30 soon-to-be graduates, click here and select Pakistan Project. To give to our overall program, which includes professional development for our team there, and operational expenses, click here and select General.

  • Fundraise – Beyond your own giving, if you want to help raise money for a Pakistan scholarship that would be great. Please send us an e-mail and we can help you get started.

  • Network – If you’d be willing to gather 3-5 friends, we can arrange for a 30 minutes teleconference call with our Founder, Ben Thomas. He can personally share with you the situation in Pakistan and answer any questions you might have.

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