Rwanda Project:

Kigali International Community School (KICS)

In 2016, the 10th anniversary of KICS, the leadership of Kigali International Community School was encouraged to dream. What if in another 10 years, KICS owned a new campus fully equipped to carry out the vision of integrating academic excellence, spiritual growth and cultural intelligence? From this dream came "His Vision, Our Future." A campaign solely fueled by a desire to follow this dream for KICS - to grow in being a spiritual greenhouse that sends out servant-leaders and to expand the vision of education in Rwanda, East Africa and beyond. KICS is committed to providing a transformative education not only for this generation but for generations to come. In obedience to this vision, KICS has begun a multi-phase process of growth in the direction of a world-class facility that opens opportunities for every child in Rwanda.


Phase 1

In order to accommodate immediate growth in the student body and to be able to provide computer classes for primary students, KICS added on to the existing campus in 2016. Two new classrooms and a computer lab were added, allowing KICS to have two streams of grade 1 and computer classes for all grades beginning in the 2016-2017 academic year. 

Phase 1 has been completed with a budget of $200,000. The entirety of this cost, plus an additional $1 million towards the next phase were secured through families who are invested in KICS.  

Phase 2

KICS is partnering with the government of Rwanda and is in negotiations to be able to purchase a 15 hectare (37 acre) piece of land not far from the existing campus. Phase 2 includes the purchase of this land as well as the first core educational building.

The estimated cost of Phase 2 is $6 million and is currently in process.  


Phase 3 and beyond

The plans for the completed KICS campus includes not only dedicated buildings for early childhood, upper primary, middle school and high school, but also six centers to serve the KICS community and beyond. The goal is to establish a campus that provides opportunities that do not yet exist in Kigali, not just for our students and their families, but also for the community that we live in. The six centers are:

  • Learning Support Center for families with children with special needs. KICS currently offers a limited learning support program, but aims to be a blessing to the KICS community and beyond.

  • Science Center for teaching and demonstrating quality science curricula. KICS would build on the existing primary science, Earth sciences, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Advanced Science courses. This center would promote the sciences on a national scale.

  • Athletic Center with a building for locker rooms, weight rooms, exercise areas, coaches' offices in addition to basketball courts and football fields. The fields will be able to host public tournaments and professional events, supporting the growth of professional athletics in Rwanda.

  • Performing and Visual Arts Center which would include a theater, classrooms for the arts and exhibition spaces. There is currently no theater in Rwanda, therefore, this center aims to fill the gap of a lack of performance halls and support for the arts throughout the East Africa region.

  • Global Leadership Center to equip students with today's most sought after skills - critical thinking and leadership. The center would place developing critical thinking, creativity and innovation in a higher position in Rwanda than ever before, helping students and others to grow and thus benefit segments of society and the region as a whole.

  • ICT Center equipped with state of the art technology, so students learn how to integrate technology with life in ways that are healthy and also beneficial to society.