Children don't choose war. Children deserve education.


Anywhere in the world, when you turn on the news, there are wars going on, wars without end. For every war, there are displaced people who have lost everything - their families, their homes, their jobs, and the list goes on. 

Some children in Yemen are risking their lives each day in order to get an education. But what about the others? What about the children whose schools have been demolished? The ones who have lost all educators in their communities? The reality is that thousands of children in countries in and recovering from war do not have access to education - a right they deserve. Children do not choose war. Families do not choose war. But children deserve education regardless of background, passport or finances. 

84% of Yemeni people are living on humanitarian aid. 

In 2015, there were six million refugee children and adolescents of school age. 3.7 of these children were not in school. 



Strong schools lead to strong countries and strong societies.


Education is a right for every child. But who is coming into countries recovering from war to build schools? Strong schools lead to strong countries, strong societies and ultimately, a strong world.

Quality education is transformative. Students who are equipped with the skills to think critically, problem solve and engage as lifelong learners become the citizens who build countries back up to compete on a global level. Regardless of profession, students who possess these skills contribute to the rebuilding of societies.


Students spend the majority of their waking time in school. Education, therefore, is a close-knit partnership between families and schools. Teachers have an incredible impact on students, for better or worse. Therefore, the quality, content and style of education must be held to a high standard. The right to education is not just for the student but for their family, community and country. Quality, transformative education changes the trajectory of a family, and if enough families have their trajectory changed, countries are changed one at a time.

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