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The Model

12 years after the genocide of 1994 in Rwanda, Kigali International Community School was founded. What started as four homeschool co-ops coming together has now moved to the forefront of education in Rwanda for both national and expatriate families. What sets KICS apart in Rwanda is that families know it is a place where their children's futures can be altered based on the level of education that is provided. While not every school will or should look like KICS, there are a lot of lessons learned in establishing educational institutions in countries recovering from devastation.

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Humble Beginnings

In 2006, Kigali International Community School officially began with a handful of children of missionary and development workers. It quickly opened to the national community as a partnership with the Rwandan government grew. The current KICS campus was bought as part of President Paul Kagame's Vision 2020 plan - a vision to establish a neighborhood with a school and community center. From the beginning, KICS has been in relationship with the Rwandan government to move towards accomplishing common goals.

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Constant growth

Throughout the short history of KICS, each year has brought growth and expansion. KICS brings together 26 nations in its student body, grows in student number each year and has built on the campus multiple times in order to provide state of the art facilities including computer labs, a science lab and a comprehensive library which is open to the public. Throughout the years, KICS has always maintained a goal of blessing the community through its existence.

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Growing with Rwanda

As Rwanda rebuilt after the genocide of 1994, one of their main goals was that every child would receive an education. Although the process is never quick, today nearly 100% of children in Rwanda are in school. KICS has the privilege of helping innovate and expand the vision for what education could look like in Rwanda. This would not be possible without a relationship with the government with a common goal of creating a better future for generations to come.

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Our Goal

Replicating Kigali International Community School is not our goal. KICS is culturally and educationally relevant to Rwanda, and our goal is that every B2THEWORLD institution would be relevant to the culture they are in. Regardless of nationality or wealth, B2THEWORLD schools will aim to be educational institutions that meets the needs of families and societies in that country and community.